Where to Eat

We’re embedded in the heart of D.C. and the food options in our city are boundless. In fact, D.C. was recently ranked third in Zagat’s Top 17 Food Cities of 2015. Whether you want to explore the D.C. food scene with friends on a Saturday night, shop for your own seasonal ingredients and cook with friends, order delivery through the GET mobile app or grab a quick bite to eat between classes, our open dining plan has you covered no matter your tastes and dietary needs.

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GWorld Dining & Grocery Partners

With so many grocery and dining partners located on, or close to, our Foggy Bottom and Mount Vernon campuses, you have the freedom to choose what you want to eat and when.

Our partner list includes restaurant and grocery partners that accept Dining Cash and Colonial Cash. Remember, Dining Cash (required for all undergraduate students in GW residence halls) can only be used at dining and grocery partners and cannot be used for retail or service purchases. Colonial Cash is accepted at all dining locations as well as at partner retail stores, vending machines, laundry machines and more. Colonial Cash may be purchased at any time and is not required to have.

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mobile ordering

Mobile Ordering





open weekends

Open Weekends


7th Hill Pizza Palisades 4885 MacArthur Blvd NW deliveryveganvegitariancoffee
7-11 (Seven Eleven) Mitchell Hall/514 21st St NW late-nightopen weekendscoffeebreakfastvegetarianvegan


An Uncommon Café 1800 G St, NW veganvegitariancoffeebreakfast
Asia 54 2122 P St NW deliverygluten-freeveganvegetariancoffeemobile ordering
Au Bon Pain 2000 Pennsylvania Ave NW gluten-freeveganvegetariancoffeeopen weekendsbreakfastbrunch
Baja Fresh 1990 K St NW deliveryveganvegetarianmobile ordering
Beef 'N Bread District House (LL)/2121 H St NW breakfastopen weekends
Beefsteak Science & Engineering Hall, 800 22nd St NW deliverygluten-freeveganvegetarianopen weekendsmobile ordering
Bertucci's 2000 Pennsylvania Ave NW deliverygluten-freeveganvegetariancoffeelate-nightopen weekendsmobile ordering
Bibi Ja Food Truck/Mobile Site  
Bobby's Burger Palace 2121 K St NW deliveryveganvegetarianopen weekendsmobile ordering
Brooklyn Sandwich Co Food Truck/Mobile Site kosher
Bruegger's Bagels 2101 L St NW vegetarianveganbreakfastcoffeeopen weekendsbrunch
Buredo 825 14th St NW deliverygluten-freeveganvegetarianmobile ordering
Burger, Tap & Shake 2200 Pennsylvania Ave NW gluten-freeveganvegetariancoffeelate-nightopen weekends
Cafe Aria 1917 F St NW veganvegetarianbreakfastcoffeebrunch
Capitol Grounds Coffee 2100 Pennsylvania Ave NW veganvegetarianbreakfastcoffeeopen weekendsbrunch
Captain Cookie & The Milk Man 2000 Pennsylvania Ave NW deliveryveganvegetarianlate-nightopen weekendsmobile ordering
Carvings Potomac Hall/2021 F St NW veganvegetarianbreakfastcoffeelate-nightopen weekendsbrunch
Chalin's Restaurant 1912 I St NW deliveryveganvegetarianbrunchmobile ordering
Char Bar 2142 L St NW deliverykosherveganvegetarianhalalmobile ordering


District House (LL)/2121 H St NW coffee

1837 M St NW
2000 Pennsylvania Ave NW

gluten-freeveganvegetarianopen weekends
Chop't Creative Salad Co. 1105 ½ 19th St NW
1730 Pennsylvania Ave NW
gluten-freeveganvegetarianopen weekends
Colonial Bistro 2300 I St NW kosherveganvegetarianbreakfastcoffeehalal
Corner Bakery Cafe 1828 L St NW
1801 Pennsylvania Ave NW
deliveryveganvegetarianbreakfastcoffeebrunchmobile ordering
Crepeaway 2001 L St NW deliveryvegetarianbreakfastlate-nightopen weekendsbrunchmobile ordering
Crepe N Cream 2818 Pennsylvania Ave NW deliveryveganvegetarianbreakfastbrunchmobile ordering
Custom Fuel Pizza 1747 Pennsylvania Ave NW deliverygluten-freevegetarianmobile ordering
CVS Pharmacy 1901 Pennsylvania Ave NW
2550 Virginia Ave NW
2125 E St NW
2000 L St NW
4859 MacArthur Blvd NW
1990 K St NW
2000 M St NW
2240 M St NW
2000 Pennsylvania Ave NW
gluten-freekosherveganvegetarianbreakfastcoffeeopen weekendshalalbrunch


DC Pizza 1103 19th St NW deliverygluten-freevegetarianmobile ordering
Devon & Blakely 2200 Pennsylvania Ave NW deliverygluten-freeveganvegetarianbreakfastcoffeeopen weekendsmobile ordering
Domino's Pizza 2029 K St NW deliverygluten-freevegetarianlate-nightopen weekendsmobile ordering
Dunkin Donuts 616 23rd St NW vegetarianbreakfastcoffeelate-nightopen weekends
Flavors of India 2524 L St NW deliveryveganvegetarianmobile ordering
FoBoGro 2140 F St NW gluten-freeveganvegetariancoffeelate-nightopen weekends
Foggy Bottom Freshfarm Market SEASONAL: Open April - November
I Street Mall NW
Froggy Bottom Pub 2021 K St NW gluten-freeveganvegetarian


Gallery Cafe Shenkman Hall (LL)/616 23rd St NW veganvegetarianbreakfastcoffeebrunch
Gallery Market Shenkman Hall (LL)/616 23rd St NW veganvegetarianbreakfastcoffeelate-nightopen weekends
Grilled Cheese Bar 1730 Pennsylvania Ave NW deliverygluten-freevegetarianmobile ordering
GRK Fresh Greek District House (LL)/2121 H St NW
1140 19th St NW
deliveryvegetariancoffeemobile ordering
GroW Garden/Lancaster Farm Fresh Cooperative CSA August 20-September 16, 6-8pm, Across from Amsterdam Hall veganvegetarian
GNC Live Well 1754 Pennsylvania Ave NW gluten-freekosherveganvegetarianhalal
GW Delicatessen 2133 G St NW gluten-freeveganvegetarianbreakfastcoffeeopen weekendsbrunch
GW Hospital Cafeteria 900 23rd St NW veganvegetarianbreakfastcoffeelate-nightopen weekendsbrunch
The House of Falafel Food Truck deliveryvegetarianbreakfastmobile ordering
Higher Grounds Coffee Shop 2100 Foxhall Rd NW veganvegetarianbreakfastcoffeebrunch


Jetties 1921 I St NW deliveryvegetarianmobile ordering
JRINK Juicery 1922 I St NW deliverygluten-freeveganvegetarianmobile ordering
Juan Valdez Cafe 1889 F St NW veganvegetarianbreakfastcoffee
Kaz Sushi Bistro 1915 I St NW deliveryveganvegetarianopen weekendsmobile ordering
Lindy's Red Lion & Bon Apetite 2040 I St NW gluten-freeveganvegetarianbreakfastlate-nightopen weekendsbrunch
Los Cuates Restaurant 1564 Wisconsin Ave NW deliveryvegetarianmobile ordering


The Magic Gourd 528 23rd St NW deliveryvegetarianopen weekendsmobile ordering
Manny & Olga's 1641 Wisconsin Ave NW deliveryvegetarianlate-nightopen weekendsmobile ordering
Maxime Steak Frites & Bar 2915 M St NW veganvegetarian
One Fish Two Fish 2423 Pennsylvania Ave NW deliveryveganvegetarianlate-nightopen weekendsmobile ordering


Paisano's Pizza 1815 Wisconsin Ave NW deliverygluten-freevegetarianmobile ordering
Papa John's 2525 Pennsylvania Ave NW deliveryvegetarianlate-nightopen weekendsmobile ordering
Paul Bakery 2000 Pennsylvania Ave NW vegetarianbreakfastcoffee
Peet's Coffee District House/2121 H St NW (entrance via Eye Street) coffeebreakfastopen weekends
Pelham Commons Cafe 2100 Foxhall Rd NW  veganvegetarianbreakfastcoffeebrunch
Penn Grill & Cafe 825 20th St NW vegetarianbreakfastcoffeebrunch
The Perfect Pita 2000 Pennsylvania Ave NW gluten-freeveganvegetarianbreakfastcoffee
Pizza Movers 1618 Wisconsin Ave NW deliveryvegetarianlate-nightopen weekendsmobile ordering
Point Chaud Duques Hall (ground floor)/2201 G St NW  
Poppabox 20th & I St NW vegetarianbreakfastcoffeemobile ordering
Potbelly 616 23rd St NW deliveryvegetarianopen weekendsmobile ordering
Quick Bite Food Truck/Mobile Site  
Quick Pita 1210 Potomac St NW deliverygluten-freeveganvegetarianlate-nightopen weekendsmobile ordering
Rasoi Indian Kitchen 1810 K St NW deliverygluten-freeveganvegetarianmobile ordering
Rolling Cow Food Truck/Mobile Site veganvegetarian
Roti 2221 I St NW veganvegetarianlate-nightopen weekends


Safeway 4865 MacArthur Blvd NW
1885 Wisconsin Ave NW
gluten-freekosherveganvegetarianbreakfastcoffeelate-nightopen weekendshalal
Seven Eleven Mitchell Hall/514 21st St, NW late-nightopen weekendscoffeebreakfastvegetarianvegan
Sizzling Express 538 23rd St NW deliveryvegetarianbreakfastcoffeemobile ordering
Sol Mexican Grill

District House (LL)/2121 H St NW

vegetarianopen weekendsvegan
South Block Juice Lerner Health & Wellness Center lobby/2301 G St NW
3210 Grace St NW
deliveryveganvegetarianmobile orderingopen weekends

1957 E St NW
2130 H St NW 
GW Hospital ground floor lobby


veganvegetarianbreakfastcoffeelate-nightopen weekendsmobile ordering
Subway 1959 E St NW gluten-freeveganvegetarianbreakfastcoffeeopen weekendshalal
Sweetgreen The Avenue/2221 I St NW gluten-freeveganvegetarian
Tasty Kabob Food Truck/Mobile Site veganvegetarianhalal
Taylor Gourmet 1750 Pennsylvania Ave NW
1200 19th St NW
deliveryveganvegetarianbrunchmobile ordering
TGI Friday's 2100 Pennsylvania Ave NW gluten-freevegetarianlate-nightopen weekends
Tonic @ Quigley's Pharmacy 2036 G St NW veganvegetarianbreakfastcoffeelate-nightopen weekendsbrunch
Uptowner Cafe 2023 G St NW veganvegetarianbreakfastcoffeeopen weekendsbrunch


Washington Deli 1990 K St NW deliverygluten-freeveganvegetarianbreakfastcoffeeopen weekendsbrunchmobile ordering
Whole Foods Market 2200 I St NW gluten-freekosherveganvegetarianbreakfastcoffeeopen weekendshalalbrunch
Wicked Waffle 1712 I St NW gluten-freevegetarianbreakfastbrunch
Wingo's 3207 O St NW deliveryveganvegetarianbreakfastlate-nightopen weekendsmobile ordering
Wiseguys Pizza District House (LL)/2121 H St NW late-nightopen weekendsbreakfast