GW Dining Terms & Conditions

By participating in a George Washington University meal plan, you are agreeing to these terms of use.  Terms of use may be amended at any time at the discretion of the George Washington University’s Dining Department.

  • You agree to pay the meal plan rate as approved by George Washington University. You are responsible for the entire cost of the meal plan even if no meals are eaten or no features of the plan are used.  Failure to utilize the meal plan does not relieve the student of the obligation to pay for it.
  • Your rate is determined by the plan you select.  The agreement for meal plan service is for the entire academic year, billed in two equal installments at the start of each semester.
  • The university reserves the right to make necessary changes in rates by giving students advanced notice.  Changes will be dependent on a change in the academic year schedule and/or break schedule, and/or other extenuating circumstances. 
Dining Dollars
  • Dining Dollars are stored money (ie: 1 dining dollar is $1 cash dollar) on your GWorld card that can be used to purchase food at participating GW Dining Partners both on- and off-campus.  
  • Additional Dining Dollars may be added at any time of the year through the GET app. When purchasing Dining Dollar’s through the GET App, enrollees are subject to their terms and conditions.
  • Dining Dollars are added to meal plans in equal amounts at the beginning of fall and spring semesters.
  • Remaining Dining Dollars on a student’s account are a $1 for $1 equivalent and roll over every semester until the student is no longer affiliated with the university. At which point, a request for refund should be submitted to the GWorld Card Office.
Dining Facilities Code-of-Conduct
  • Shoes and shirts are required in all Dining locations.
  • Rollerblades, skateboards, personal portable scooters, and other recreational wheeled transportation devices are not permitted to be used in Dining locations.
  • Please take only what you can eat and do not waste food. Food waste is a major environmental issue and increases costs for all meal plan participants.
  • Please clear your dishes to the dish conveyor belt before you leave. Dispose of trash appropriately.
  • Food, beverages, dinnerware, and flatware are not to be taken out of the facility.
Expiration & Rollover of Funds
  • Meal plans are only valid in the same semester for which they are purchased, and will expire on the last day of that semester.
  • Meal swipes do not carry over between semesters. There are no refunds for unused meals.
  • Remaining Dining Dollar balances do carry over to future semesters.
ID Card Usage
  • Meal plan participants must present their GWorld Card for admission into all GW Dining locations. The person using the ID card must be the person whose photo appears on it.
  • Meal plans are not sharable with, transferable to, or saleable to other individuals. As the plan participant, you agree that the meal plan is to be used for and by you.
Meal Plans
  • Class year eligibility for Meal Plan selection is based on how many years a student has attended GW. Class year eligibility cannot be adjusted based on the number of academic credits a student has.
  • Unlimited Meal Plan
    • Those enrolled in this plan are able to use a swipe once per hour and receive three Market Bundle Deals per week.
  • Unlimited Flex Plan
    • Those enrolled in this plan receive 85 Unlimited Days were they are able to use a swipe once per hour and receive three Market Bundle Deals per week.
    • An entire day will be deducted from your total balance once you use a swipe.
  • Block Meal Plans
    • A swipe is deducted for each meal purchased.
    • Those enrolled in these plans receive a set amount of swipes for the total semester and do not have a limit on the number of Market Bundle Deals per week they can receive.
Purchasing & Cancellation
  • Students living in On-Campus Housing are required to be on a meal plan, the minimum requirement is based on your class year, you may not cancel your meal plan as long as you are living in On-Campus Housing regardless of specific diets, religious beliefs and activities, employment and/or class schedule, or University activities.
  • Once purchased, meal plans cannot be downgraded or canceled unless such changes are made before the end of the first week (5 business days) of a semester. Cancellations or downgrades will not be accepted after the deadline.
  • If your Housing License Agreement  is canceled, your meal plan will be canceled effective on the date provided by Campus Living and Residential Education.
Refunds & Credits
  • Refunds for canceled or changed meal plans will be subject to the Student Accounts refund schedule. 
  • Low usage or no usage of a meal plan are not considered as a basis for a refund. Students will not be relieved of the obligation to pay for the meal plan because they do not use any part or feature of the plan.
  • Unused meals as part of the unlimited or block meal plans because of late move-in, specific diets, religious beliefs and activities, employment and/or class schedule, or University activities are not refundable.