GW Dining works in close partnership with the Office of Sustainability to ensure our environmental footprint is as minimal as possible. Through direct discussions with student advocates and the Sustainable GW Team, we have identified the following areas of opportunity to focus our sustainability efforts towards:

Clip boards with information about composting at GW

Eliminating Food Waste

GW Dining operates back-of-house composting at Shenkman Hall, Thurston Hall, Pelham Commons, University Student Center, and District House Dining.

Over 20,000 pounds of food waste are diverted from landfills every month.

A sign in Thurston Hall reads "19 million pounds of plastic end up in the ocean each year"

Cutting Single-Use Plastics

GW Dining is committed to working towards compliance with the Single Use Plastics Elimination Policy.

Quick service locations and the to-go option in our three all-you-care-to-eat dining facilities utilize plant-based compostable containers, utensils, cups, lids, and straws.