District House

District House is a quick-service dining location that offers four individual dining concepts and a grocery store for students to grab-and-go whenever they choose throughout the day.

Know Before You Go

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2121 H Street, NW
B1 level
Washington, D.C. 20052

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Payment Options

  • Swipe (only when purchasing a Meal Deal)
  • Dining Dollars
  • Debit and Credit
  • Cash

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Dining Options

DC Taco House sign

D.C. Taco House

D.C. Taco House brings the street indoors with a simple soft taco, burrito, and quesadilla that pays homage to Tex-Mex and Cali influences. The proteins and sauces are varied and creative yet simple. Add locally sourced tortillas and magnify sauce flavors to each order.

Meal Deals
  • 3 Soft Tacos, Chips & Salsa, & a Fountain Drink
  • Burrito, Chips & Salsa, & a Fountain Drink
  • Quesadilla (with Any Protein), Chips & Salsa, & a Fountain Drink
  • Chips, Choice of Dip (Guacamole, Queso, or Salsa), & a Fountain Drink


Baba's Pizza storefront

Baba's Pizza

A new Halal-certified option introduced Spring 2024 to District House. As a member of The Halal Shack brand-family, Baba’s Pizza expands halal offerings on-campus, as well as features a variety of vegetarian pizzas, vegan cheeses, and gluten-free pizza crusts.

Meal Deals
  • One Slice of Pizza & a Fountain Drink
  • Two Slices of Pizza & a Fountain Drink


Halal Shack station in District House

Halal Shack

The Halal Shack is an all-Halal station that combines the best of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern flavors with a classic American spin. The menu consists of build-your-own Rice bowls, Lettuce Bowls, or Naan Wraps with your choice of protein including halal chicken, halal beef, or falafel.

Meal Deals
  • Rice Bowl & a Fountain Drink
  • Salad Bowl & a Fountain Drink
  • Pita & a Fountain Drink (Protein Options: Halal Chicken, Halal Beef, Chicken & Beef Mix, Hot BBQ Chicken, Chickpea Korma, Crispy Chicken, Crispy Cauliflower, & Falafel)
  • Naan, Hummus, & a Fountain Drink


True Burger station in District House

True Burger

True Burger offers a quality driven satisfying menu for lunch, and dinner. Our lunch and dinner menu features gourmet burgers and battered seasoned fries. The legacy-based burger menu covers a classic cheeseburger to a vegetarian mushroom burger.

Meal Deals
  • Classic Burger, French Fries, & a Fountain Drink
  • Classic Black Bean Burger, French Fries, & a Fountain Drink
  • 3-Piece Chicken Tenders, French Fries, & a Fountain Drink
  • Order of French Fries & a Fountain Drink


Cash register

Grab-and-Go Market

We have introduced an entirely new Market to the Foggy Bottom Campus within District House Dining. Students will be able to grab a quick bite before class, stock up on grocery essentials, or use a swipe to purchase a Market Bundle Deal.

What is a Market Bundle Deal?

A Market Bundle Deal is a selection of pre-identified grocery items grouped/bundled together and then paid for using one swipe. Each week, there will be several Market Bundle Deals offered and these bundle deals will rotate on a weekly basis to provide students with more choices and opportunities to try new foods.