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Dining Plans

At the George Washington University, our meal plans give our students access to eat at a variety of dining partners, easily accessible on campus or closeby in the surrounding neighborhoods. Our dining partner network includes more than 105+ food and grocery locations.

With options ranging from table service to delivery and dining partners ranging from food trucks to regional cuisines and grocery stores, you’ll have easy access to food that meets your tastes and needs. Designed to accommodate the busiest of schedules, you can eat when and where it's the most convenient. One size does not fit all when it comes to food preferences. Our open plan offers variety and freedom of choice to meet student's dietary preferences, including vegan, vegetarian, nut-free, kosher, Halal, gluten-free options and more.

Our students can take advantage of Meal Deals, promotions and specials available at select GWorld dining partner locations. GW's dining plan can also be used to purchase groceries and snacks so you can cook and prepare meals for yourself or with friends.

Dining Plan Requirements

2019-20 Dining Plan Assignments

Undergraduate students living in GW residence halls will be assigned a Dining Plan based upon the availability of a kitchen in a student's housing assignment.  All undergraduate students living in GW residence halls are required to participate in the Dining Plan.  

2019-20 Academic Year Dining Cash Plan Rates:

  • Residents Without a Kitchen: $4,750 Dining Cash ($2,375 per semester)
  • Residents With a Kitchen: $3,050 Dining Cash ($1,525 per semester)

2018-19 Academic Year Dining Cash Plan Rates:

  • Residents Without a Kitchen: $4,600 Dining Cash ($2,300 per semester)
  • Residents With a Kitchen: $2,800 Dining Cash ($1,400 per semester)

GW Dining Plan values represent average amount of Dining Cash needed by students for the academic year. Dining funds roll over from semester-to-semester and year-to-year.  

Students are encouraged to select the higher rate meal plan if they are concerned that they will not have enough dining cash or if they would prefer to dine more outside of their room during the year. Dining Plan changes must be made by the student on line through Houseing E-services within the first 2 weeks of the semester.

Commuter students and student's not living in GW residence halls still have the option of enrolling in a dining plan. Students can add funds at their discretion via the GET App. Students can also enroll in a formal dining plan (one listed above) by visiting the GWorld Office. 

Dining plan funds are known as Dining Cash, and Dining Cash can be used at over 105+ grocery stores, restaurants, fast-casual locations and food trucks. Any unused funds roll over from semester to semester and year to year. Having a remaining balance does not decrease the amount of the Dining plan that will be deposited next semester.  Additional funds can also be added at any time through the GET App or by visiting the GWorld Office


Managing Your Dining Plan 

The GW Dining plan is a declining-balance account. Purchases are made with a swipe of your GWorld Card using Dining Cash. Colonial Cash is a voluntary option and is accepted at all dining locations as well as at partner retail stores, vending machines, laundry machines and more. You can either manage your account online or through the dining-dedicated GET app, which can also be used to find dining locations, check account balances and add Dining or Colonial Cash funds. In addition, of the GW Mobile App under the Dining tab, you can see the budget breakdown of your Dining Cash. The app automatically suggests a daily and weekly spending allowance based on Dining Cash remaining.  

Dining Cash is used as the primary funds for a meal plan. For example, the first-year dining program adds $2,300 per semester in Dining Cash to a student’s account at the start of the fall and spring semesters. Read below for more details.

  • Requirement: Dining Cash plans are required (per the GW Undergraduate Housing License Agreement) for all undergraduate resident students and are the primary funds for GW’s dining plan. Dining plans are billed to the Student Account each semester along with housing and tuition charges. 
  • Plan Levels: Dining Plans are assigned based on whether or not the student lives in a residence with or without a kitchen. Students may purchase a dining plan of higher value, but they can not purchase a less expensive plan. All dining plan changes must be made in person at the GWorld Office within the first 2 weeks of each semester.
  • Deposits: Dining Cash plans are deposited in full at the start of fall and spring semester. Dining Cash is a declining balance account that will count down based on each purchase made. Additional deposits can be made any time during the year. 
  • Permitted Purchases: Dining Cash can be used to purchase food at over 105 Dining partners. These partner locations include restaurants, grocery stores, convenience stores, vending machines and Mount Vernon on campus dining venues. 
  • Restricted Purchases: Dining Cash cannot be used to make purchases at non-dining GWorld merchants such as the GW Bookstore, the Colonial Health Center, and salons. Students can add Colonial Cash to make purchases at these GWorld service and retail merchants. Colonial Cash and Dining Cash may not be used to purchase alcohol, tobacco, or gift cards. GWorld funds can not be used to pay your Student Account (tuition bill).
  • Printing & Laundry Purchases: Dining Cash may be used for campus printing and residence hall laundry facility purchases when a student does not have Colonial Cash available.
  • Remaining Balances: Any unused funds left over at the end of term roll over from semester to semester and year to year. Having a remaining balance does not decrease the amount of the Dining plan that will be deposited next semester. 
  • Refunds: Dining Cash is non-refundable and non-transferrable. Per the GW Undergraduate Housing License Agreement, students waive the right to a refund for any unused GWorld funds while they are a student at GW. Students who withdraw from their housing assignments within the first 4 weeks of the semester (check the GW Undergraduate Housing License Agreement for specific dates) may be eligible for a prorated housing refund and a refund of unused Dining Cash. Any refund amount will not exceed the Dining Cash Plan assigned for the given semester. Students are not eligible for refunds of GWorld monies left over from previous semesters under any circumstances. 
  • Expiration: Colonial Cash and Dining Cash will not expire unless your account remains inactive (no deposits or charges) for a consecutive 36 month period.
  • Online Account Management: Via GET, an online system and mobile app, students can log on to check their balance, view their transactions, make deposits, make mobile orders from select GWorld merchants, and report their lost card.
  • Savings Opportunities: Students can use Dining Cash to take advantage of meal deals, promotions, specials and discounts available through their dining plans at GWorld locations.
  • Social Media: Follow @GWDining on Twitter, follow @GWDining on Instagram and like us GW Dining on Facebook to stay up to date on Dining partners and specials.

  • Colonial Cash is a voluntary account that can be used in addition to Dining Cash.  
  • It can be used at all GWorld merchant locations, including dining and grocery partners as well as with on-campus and off-campus retail partners, like the campus bookstore, or for services like parking, laundry and printing.

Below are some of our most frequently asked questions about our dining plans. If you have more questions or concerns regarding dining at GW, please email [email protected]

  • Am I required to participate in the the meal plan? 
    • All GW undergraduate students who live in GW residence halls are required to participate in the meal plan. Plans are determined based off the availability of a kitchen in a student’s residence hall.
  • How do I find where to eat? 
    • We have more than 105 dining and grocery partners throughout D.C. that support nutritional preferences, tastes and range from fine dining, grab-and-go, late night, delivery, coffee, snacks, food truck vendors and more. You can check out a complete list of partners or use the GET mobile app to explore your extensive dining options.
  • Do Dining Cash and Colonial Cash rollover? 
    • ​​​​​​​Yes, all Dining Cash and Colonial Cash funds rollover from semester to semester and expire only after 35 months of no account activity.
  • How do I add Dining Cash or Colonial Cash? 
    • Both can be added onto your GWorld cardby check, cash or credit card (Visa, MasterCard or Discover) at the GWorld Office (located on the ground floor of the Marvin Center) or via the GET app. Colonial Cash can also be added by depositing cash at Value Transfer Stationslocated on the GW campus.
  • What if I want more Dining Cash than the dining plan minimum? 
    • Second-, third- and fourth-year students that are interested in having more Dining Cash may opt to purchase any higher value dining plan than the plan that is assigned, according to the class year. Students should visit the GWorld Office, located on the Ground Floor of the Marvin Center to purchase a higher value dining plan. The deadline for submitting dining plan changes is Friday, September 7, 2018.
  • How do I manage my account? 
  • I can’t seem to find anything to eat to meet my dietary needs, what options do I have? 

    • ​​​​​​​The George Washington University recognizes that students come to GW with a variety of nutritional needs and food preferences.  It is the goal of the university to provide you the offerings to meet your individual nutritional needs.  

    • If, however, you have a chronic medical condition that necessitates the provision of specific accommodations beyond what is available through the GW Dining program, there is a process that the university will follow to determine if such accommodation is reasonable.  Please fill out and submit the Dietary Needs Requiring Accommodations: Student Request  Form (.pdf) and have a medical professional fill out the Dietary Needs Requiring Accommodation: Health Care Provider form (.pdf).   These forms should be sent it to GW’s Disability Support Services as noted in each form. It is important for you to provide the information requested and fill in all information fields.  You should also explain your individual dietary needs in detail so that we can understand and work together with you to meet your needs.

  • I’m a resident of the Mount Vernon Campus and could use some assistance getting my dietary needs met. Is there anyone I can speak with? 

    • ​​​​​​​At Mount Vernon Campus Dining we take your health and nutrition needs seriously and hope to partner with you to make your dining experience at GW safe and enjoyable. We recommend that you get to know our dining managers, as they will be your best resource for allergen identification and special needs accommodations on an ongoing basis. 

    • If you have allergies to milk, eggs, peanuts, fish, shellfish, soy, wheat, tree nuts, dairy, gluten, or have been diagnosed with such conditions as celiac, lactose intolerance, diabetes, etc. we are equipped to help. 

    • We offer a variety of meats, fish and poultry daily that can be prepared with no added ingredients.  Nearly all of our proteins and vegetables can be prepared gluten-free, so please ask. Within each dining venue, foods are labeled with nutritional information and major allergens.

  • I’d really like to speak with a dietician and get some nutritional advice, where can I go? 

    • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​If you are interested in an individual nutrition consultation please contact the GW Student Health Center