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A group of students eats a meal together at Thurston Hall

Student Advisory Panel

The GW Dining Student Advisory Panel is a team of students who advocate for students and serve as their voice to the senior leaders in the dining department. We work hard to gather student opinions and advocate for them with GW Dining Services to make them come to fruition.

Our Mission Statement

The Student Advisory Panel makes real change on campus through the help of GW Dining. Services to create the ideal dining experience for students. This not only includes the food items offered on campus but also the promotion of food safety and sustainable food practices. Food opinions are dynamic to the student body and we work hard to keep up with healthy food options all while looking at our environmental impact as a campus.

Committee Initiatives

Sustainability, Food Allergies, Special Diets, Culinary, and Specialty Dining Events


The Student Advisory Panel holds one meeting per month. Any students who are interested are encouraged to attend.





Meghan Bankapur Professional Headshot

Meghan “Meg” Bankapur

Meg is a second-year student studying Economics, Public Policy, and Applied Ethics. She is dedicated to exploring the intersection of these fields to create positive change. Being a part of the Panel, she actively contributes to the fight against food insecurity on campus. Eager to make a meaningful impact, Meg channels her enthusiasm into optimizing dining plans for affordability and ensuring that fellow students have access to cost-efficient options. With a keen interest in the broader societal implications of her studies, Meg exemplifies a commitment to social responsibility and ethical decision-making.

Andrew Levin Professional Headshot

Andrew Levin


Andrew is a second-year student majoring in Political Science & International Affairs and minoring in Geography. He represents the GW Residence Hall Association, in which he serves as the Director of Hall Development. Born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio, Andrew is a big fan of Skyline Chili and recommends that you try it if you are ever in town. In his (nonexistent) free time, Andrew likes to explore DC and try new restaurants.

Sanai Pope Professional Headshot

Sanai Pope


Sanai is a second-year student double majoring in Organizational Sciences and Business Administration and minoring in Criminal Justice. She is involved in organizations on campus such as GW Black Defiance, GW Student Association, GW Balance, and the Black Student Union. Her background is in nonprofit management, and is the founder of The W.O.K.E Society (Women of Knowledge & Empowerment) and has impacted over 300 young women and made history.

Henry Scriven Young Professional Headshot

Henry Scriven-Young

Henry is a second-year student studying Political Communication and minoring in Chinese. This is his second year as a member of the Panel. As a member, he is focusing on sustainability and gathering student feedback from all across campus. Henry was also part of the Fall ‘23 Compost Study, in which he volunteered at Shenkman Dining Hall collecting and measuring compostable food waste. Henry believes that food brings communities together in ways that words and events simply cannot. As a foodie, Henry is looking forward to aiding GW Dining as they work to bring great food to the students of GW.



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Discreet Diner Program

Our Discreet Diner Program is a mutually beneficial opportunity for GW faculty and staff to receive free meals on campus in exchange for feedback about their dining experiences.

Bowls of bananas and apples at a GW dining hall
Statement of Purpose

The main purpose of the Discreet Dining Program is to receive random and sporadic feedback regarding the dining program from an unbiased audience, build community around dining, continuously improve the GW Dining Option, and ensure student expectations are being met. Participants of the program will dine in various venues, with the intent of experiencing the dining program first hand from the student perspective. This information will then be communicated back to the dining department via surveys and monthly dining meetings.

The Discreet Diner Team consists of select Community Coordinators, Faculty in Residence, Faculty, Staff and other members of the GW Community.

Program Eligibility

Participants must:

  • Be a current full-time GW faculty or staff member
  • Submit at least one response per month to our Discreet Diner Feedback Form
  • Attend a short meeting once a month to discuss your dining experiences
  • Commit to the requirements of the Discreet Diner program for the entirety of the academic semester
How to Join 

Still interested? Submit a form response below in order to join the Discreet Diner Waitlist.

Discreet Diner Waitlist Form

Please note: filling out this form does not guarantee one’s entry into the program. Once we receive your form submission, you will be added to our waitlist, and if selected, you will be contacted directly by the GW Dining Team at that time.