Meal Planning


With more than 90 diverse dining partners, you have your choice of where, when and what you want to eat. The amount of Dining Cash in your plan depends on your class year plus whatever funds you add or rollover. While some partners offer deals and discounts to students using their GWorld card, you may need to be mindful about what you spend on food. To customize your dining plan to meet your unique needs, tastes and budget, consider a balance between eating at restaurants, purchasing groceries and preparing meals.

By downloading the GET app, you can find the full list of our dining partners and check your account balance at any time. Use it to track and manage your spending and add Dining Cash or Colonial Cash if your funds are running low.

Planning Your Meals

To make the most of your Dining Cash each semester, try to plan ahead and think about how you will spend your Dining Cash to best meet your dining needs. You might plan on a daily or weekly basis by using the GW Dining Budgeting App. Your dining plan assignment depends on the availability of a kitchen in your residence hall as defined by your Housing Licensing Agreement and only includes the minimum amount. You can add funds as needed to best meet your individual needs.

Dining Plans

Please visit the Dining Plans page for more information on dining plans.

Making the Minimum Last

There are many actions you can take to make the minimum amount last while eating the foods you enjoy:
  • Take advantage of the Meal Deals and discounts available at 30+ dining partners. 
  • Follow the GW Dining Representatives on social media for valuable dining tips and resources. 
  • Cook with friends and share ingredients. 
  • Purchase store brand items or items on sale. 
  • Look for specials and rewards programs at the restaurants you love. For example, you can download Sweetgreen and/or Beefsteak’s app to earn rewards
  • Sign up for programs at CVS and/or Whole Foods to earn rewards, get coupons and learn about discounts
  • Look for coupons to use at the store
  • Take a list with you to the grocery store so that you only buy what you need
  • Cook more than one serving at a time and plan to eat the leftovers for another meal


meal prep guide

GW Dining Meal Prep Guide 

The GW Dining Meal Prep Guide is a beginner's guide to shopping, preparing, and portioning out budget-friendly meals. This guide is designed to help students learn how to strategically grocery shop to prepare meals for the week. With grocery shopping lists, step-by-step cooking instructions, and planning tips, you will be sure to be a meal prepping master after reading! Click here for a pdf version. 

budgeting app

Dining Cash Budgeting App 

The GW Dining Budgeting App is located within the GW Mobile App under the "Dining" options. The app displays how much dining cash you have remaining on your GWorld card. In addition, the app will break down what your weekly and daily spending should be to stay on budget to have sufficient funds for the whole semester. This is a great tool to esnure that each week you stick to your budget and if you fall off track, the app is there to help you get right back on budget!