How Vince Eats

Meet Vincevince

Vince is a sophomore from Williamsburg, VA studying political communication in the School of Media and Public Affairs. Vince enjoys running all over DC with club cross country, or hiking with TRAiLS. He is a big fan of Pelham and recommends eating what the cooks are making fresh, even the food students are unfamiliar with! Vince also recommends the Chalkboard Grill and the 50/50 burger (half beef, half mushroom).

Off the MVC, Vince loves 7th Hill Pizza.  A block over from Safeway, they have a number of tasty pizza options and opportunities to make fond memories! Lastly, Vince visits Safeway for all the basics -- cereal, bread, chicken, or really anything to cook.

Top Five Favorite GWorld Meals: 

  1. 7th Hill Pizza's "The Capitol Hill"
  2. Pelham Commons Chalkboard Grill's 50/50 Burger with Fries
  3. Penn Grill's Chicken Stir-Fry 
  4. SOL's Grilled Chickens 
  5. Au Bon Pain's Chicken and Avocado Sandwich with Tomato Soup 
Coming soon: What Vince's average week looks like.