How Mira Eats

Meet Mira


A double major in psychology and American Studies, Mira uses her Dining Cash at her favorite spots, Whole Foods and Brooklyn Sandwich Co. Mira likes to start off her day with a nice hot cup of tea and bowl of cereal. Depending on her mood, she usually opts for green or chai tea. Mira keeps a kosher diet, so she only orders vegetarian options when she eats out at her favorite restaurants: Buredo, Magic Gourd and Au Bon Pain. Mira takes advantage of the fish at Buredo and tofu at Magic Gourd to ensure her daily serving of protein, and also loves the GW student discount at Au Bon Pain. When she craves meat, Mira uses her Dining Cash at the Whole Foods’ kosher meat section to cook with her roomates in her Shenkman quad. However, sometimes she enjoys eating meat out and treats herself to a delicious meal at Char Bar or Brooklyn Sandwich Co.

Top Five Favorite GWorld Meals: 

  1. Brooklyn Sandwich Co Pulled Brisket
  2. Char Bar's House Burger with Chips
  3. Panera's You Pick Two with Ceasar Salad and Tomato Soup 
  4. Whole Food's Ramen
  5. Chipotle's Sofritas Burrito 
Coming soon: What Mira's average week looks like.