COVID-19: GWorld Merchant Information

As GW prepares for to hold all undergradute courses online this fall, GW Dining wants to communicate guidelines that all GWorld merchants are expected to follow throughout the semester. You can view the university's statement on reopening here

There will be a limited number of students residing directly on GW's campus as well as a number of students residing in the nearby neighborhood. The safety and health of our students, staff, faculty, and dining partners is of the upmost priorty. In order to maintain a safe dining expierence for all, we expect that all GWorld merchants follow necessary cleaning, distancing and safety protocols outlined by public health experts. 

Guidelines for GWorld Merchants Regarding COVID-19 

We expect all merchants to adhere to CDC guidelines, District of Columbia Phase Guidelines, and GW Public Health Guidelines. The links below can be used to reference all 3 guidelines for restaurants and food retailers. 


CDC Guidelines  

DC Phase Two Food Retailer Guidelines 

 DC Phase Two Restaurant Guidelines  

GW Public Health Guidelines 

GW Campus Advisories 


Sustainability Best Practices for GWorld Merchants 

  1. Find ways to reduce waste from food and packaging. For example, only provide extras to customers upon request, like silverware, takeaway bags, napkins, bread, and condiments. 

  2. Reduce your carbon footprint. Buy supplies in bulk to consolidate orders and ship less frequently.

  3. Promote transparency in the food supply chain. Provide signage about food sourcing. 

  4. Educate staff on sustainability. Make sustainability a part of staff meetings and new staff orientation. 


For more information on sustainable dining, please reference this comprehensive guide for vendor sustainability or contact Kimberly Williams ([email protected]) in the Office of Sustainability at GW.