GW Dining Representatives

GW Dining Representatives are students who not only share best practices about how to make the most out of the university's robust dining program, but also they share their favorite foods, restaurants and deals. Many Dining Representatives have unique dining needs and can help students and families enjoy the program regardless of their dietary needs. Students who need more support or who are interested in becoming a Dining Representative should email [email protected]

Connect with the GW Dining Representatives


Vegan Rep: Jess   MVC Rep: Peyton   Gluten-Free Rep: Arianna 

Sustainability Rep: Niyati   Kosher Rep: Zoe  

 Halal Rep: Farhana




Vegan/Vegetarian Rep: Jess

Jess is an economics major from Wayland, MA. She is a long-time vegetarian. She finds it relatively easy to get vegetarian and vegan options at GW and mostly eats Sweetgreen, Roti, Panera, Wholefoods, and Chipotle. She loves GW’s meal deals and always looks for discounts. One of her favorites is HomeSlyce’s sandwich and side for $5.55 on Thursdays. She cooks at home a lot to save time and money. She loves to meal prep easy dinners like stir-frys and pasta, specifically veggie lasagna. She makes it in several small pans and freezes them to cook at a later date. One of her favorite lesser-known GWorld locations is Chalin’s because they have an entirely vegetarian section on the menu.


Mount Vernon Rep: Peyton 

Peyton is a sophomore in the School of Media and Public Affairs studying Political Communication with a minor in Creative Writing. She’s an RA in Somers Hall and spent a lot of her time on the Vern her freshman year with friends in the Women’s Leadership Program. She’s a big fan of Late Night Grill in Pelham Commons and is a strong advocate for grocery shopping and cooking to save money on GWorld. When she’s not cooking, she’s ordering dumplings and curry from CharmThai on the GET app.


Gluten-Free Rep: Arianna

Bio coming soon! 



Sustainability Rep: Niyati

Niyati is a public health and statistics double major with a passion for environmental health, sustainable practices, and (mostly) plant-based living. She's always trying to use local produce, compost, and connect with individuals and organizations aiming to promote equitable food systems. Her favorite meals include palak paneer (sub tofu), pad thai, and a hearty bowl of chili with avo. She recommends checking out the Civil Eats newsletter for the latest updates on the American food system and following @dcfairfood and @greengw on Instagram for ways to get involved in the local sustainable community!


Kosher Rep: Zoe

Like most Jewish students on campus (and everywhere), Zoe keeps her own version of kosher. She eats vegetarian at restaurants that are not heckshered. Meanwhile, for the GW Dining Kosher account, she only post heckshered items (whether they be cooked in her kitchen or bought) for the those who keep stricter laws. For heckershed meals, Zoe enjoys Char Bar and Brooklyn Sandwich Co., two GWorld options in the area! She also really enjoys the delicious vegan soup from Soupergirl, which comes to GW campus for pop-ups often.


Halal Rep: Farhana

Farhana is a junior studying Neuroscience and Psychology and from the DC area. When she is not cramming for an exam in Gelman, you can find her searching up quick, easy, and affordable recipes to cook. She is always trying to find ways to incorporate healthy food into her daily diet and promoting a healthy lifestyle while in college. Her favorite meal of the day is breakfast, specifically oatmeal, her comfort food. According to her, there are just so many ways to decorate the dish, adding various toppings to your taste, one can never get bored with oatmeal! When she is not cooking and meal prepping for the week, you can find her at Sweetgreen's or Roti.