Hyatt, Lydia, Haley, Natalie, Hailey, Farhana

GW Dining Representatives

GW Dining Representatives are students who not only share best practices about how to make the most out of the university's robust dining program, but also they share their favorite foods, restaurants and deals. Dining Representatives have unique dining needs and can help students and families enjoy the program regardless of their dietary needs. Students who need more support or who are interested in becoming a Dining Representative should email [email protected]



Vegan/Vegetarian Rep: Hyatt

Vegan/Vegetarian Rep Hyatt Aronoff is a junior Public Health major. He frequently takes advantage of GW Dining's partnership with Grubhub and orders the famous vegan Philly cheesesteak from HipCityVeg. At home, Hyatt’s favorite thing to make is chocolate chip cookies (vegan, of course!).! Check out Hyatt's Instagram!


Mount Vernon Rep: Lydia 

Lydia is a sophomore majoring in Business with a concentration in Accounting and a minor in Theater. In between trips to the Vern, her favorite place to eat in DC is Poppabox since, according to her, the bang for your buck is unbeatable. When cooking, Lydia's favorite dish is her mom's recipe for veggie pasta-- it's good for you, tastes great, and is easy to make. Check out Lydia's Instagram!


Gluten-Free Rep: Haley

Haley is a junior majoring in Organizational Sciences with minors in Dance and Psychology. She enjoys exploring the many different gluten-free options at Bindaas, and her go-to dish to make for herself is tacos. Check out Haley's Instagram!



Sustainability Rep: Natalie

Natalie is a senior double majoring in Political Science and Environmental Studies with a minor in Classical & Ancient Near Eastern Studies. Her favorite place to eat around campus is 1 Fish, 2 Fish, and her go-to dish to cook is any variation of rice and vegetables. Check out Natalie's Instagram!


Kosher Rep: Hailey

Hailey is a junior Public Health major pursuing minors in Public Policy and Business Administration. Now that Flower Child has reopened, you can probably find her there, or at home cooking her go-to dish: a "buddha bowl" with quinoa, any green vegetable, sweet potatoes, and roasted chickpeas. Check out Hailey's Instagram!


Halal Rep: Farhana

Farhana is a senior double majoring in Neuroscience and Psychology. A self-described huge fan of poke bowls, her go-to place to eat is Hello Poke. She's also a breakfast lover and regularly makes herself avocado toast with sunny-side-up eggs for the most important meal of the day. Check out Farhana's Instagram!