GW Dining COVID-19 Response On-Campus Resource Guide

Dining Partners and Grocery Shopping 

GWorld Vendor Updates: 

As part of the city’s emergency response to this evolving pandemic, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser has ordered the city’s restaurants and eating establishments to close indoor seating for customers and provide take-out and delivery only. As this pandemic continues, the city may implement more restrictions to slow the transmission and spread of COVID-19, potentially adding more disruptions to the way you acquire food. 

Students are encouraged to stock food, especially non-perishable items, and personal items in the event that you are unable to leave your unit for any period of time.  The following grocer, pharmacy, and convenience locations within walking distance of campus remain open. 

  • Whole Foods (2201 I St NW):  Hours: 8:00am - 9:00 pm Daily. 
  • CVS (2000 Pennsylvania Ave):  Hours: 24/7 
  • 7-11 (514 19th St NW/Mitchell Hall):  Hours: 24/7 (*closed 10pm - 6am Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) 
  • Healthy Fresh Meals (Meal Delivery Service) 
    • Delivery of prepared meals and bulk items. 
    • Call to order: (202) 780-9716

Many other GWorld dining partners are offering take-out, curbside pickup, and delivery options for students with GWorld. A comprehensive list of all GWorld dining partners that remain open can be located on our page here

Please be advised that a vendor’s operating hours can change at any time as the situation progresses. We strongly encourage you to call restaurants and all food service locations before placing an order. 

Request for a 7-Day Non-Perishable Emergency Meal Kit.
GW is building Emergency Meal Kits (EMKs) to be available for students who are approved to remain on campus. These 7-day kits have a variety of non-perishable items that students can keep in their rooms in case of supplemental needs if there are impacts to shopping and inventory availability. EMKs are designed to help meet caloric needs and should be SECONDARY TO YOUR OWN FOOD PREPAREDNESS EFFORTS. EMKs are available for purchase through your GWorld Dining Dollars for $98 apiece. Examples of kit items may include, but are not limited to:

  • Oatmeal, soup, noodle cups, crackers, peanut butter/sun butter, jelly, chips/pretzels, ramen, mac & cheese (and similar microwavable foods), cookies, fruit cups, apple sauce, poptarts, and paper goods/utensils

Please contact [email protected] with questions.



Other Grocery Shopping Resources: 

To help you navigate acquiring groceries in a safe and responsible way, we have compiled information on best practices when grocery shopping. In addition, there are many supermarket locations and third party platforms that offer online grocery delivery services. *GWorld not accepted with any third party delivery service. 


Cooking Resources 

5 Ingredients or Less Cookbook: 

The 5 Ingredients or Less Cookbook is a great resource for easy, healthy, and delicious recipes. This cookbook is filled with tips on preparing delicious meals with limited resources. To access the cookbook please click here


Social Media: 

Throughout the duration of GW’s virtual learning period, GW Dining will still be maintaining regular social media content. With that, our main account (@gwdining) will be sharing cooking videos, vendor updates, and all other dining related content. In addition, the GW Dining Representatives are a great resource for recipes with tutorials, and how-tos on their respective pages. They will be continuing to produce content as a resource for students during the virtual learning period as well. 


All representative pages are listed below: 


Other Cooking Related Resources: 

During this time, people, organizations, and communities across the world are coming together to pool resources to support individuals everywhere. With that we have compiled some of our favorite cooking related resources that provide useful tips and easy recipes to explore while physically distancing.